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Awesome Places For Street Food Lovers in Bhubaneswar

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Street food culture

A Foodie yourself? Then you must know all about the spice, chop-chop, crunch that goes with devouring of those famous sassiest street food. And guess what! The world knows how varied Indian street food could be too. Indian street snacks even shares 10th place in the 20 best must have street foods around the world(Read here).

And when your city is the next happening universe itself, what else than having ideas about some handy places for all that Chaat, Panipuri, Pav-bhaaji, Jalebis, Momos with the homies and baes matters more?
For all your ‘chatpata’ needs, we’re here to tell you some places that would blow your taste buds with its awesomeness.


Ever thought how it would feel to taste fire and ice together? If yes, then welcome to the only place that serves this intense yet pleasing taste without the carnations.

Simplicity is the mantra over this place that doesn’t let anything else come between good food and good people, be it the 51 years old shop owner itself.

On conversation with him over the very brownie that is plated above and along with some pleasing down the memory lane talks, he proudly gives all the credit behind this place to his son and says: “It is interesting to bring new flavors to people, especially to the elders as it allows me to experience the same content that my son felt as I came to know about brownies and lattes!”

Well, that’s something that is rare to find in the city that’s growing faster than any historic civilization.

Also serving some quality Irish, American and Swiss coffee, lattes and tea this place surely can’t be judged by looks rather by its’ cozy and warm relationships with food and people.

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MOMO CAFE, Keshari Theatre, Bhubaneswar

Momo Cafe bhubaneswar

The only food that’s claimed to be original for the whole of South east Asia, momo dumplings or known as ‘baozi’, ‘buuz’, ‘gyoza’, ‘mandu’ in respected Chinese, Mongolian, Japanese & Korean are also found in the areas of Darjeeling and Sikkim adding up India to the list too.

It is surprising to know that most of the people today are fond of momos because of its fluffy texture and hot & sour taste on our tongues.

Though in Bhubaneswar, there are quite a few places where you can find great steamed and fried momos but this place has stood unparalleled throughout.Widely known because of its location and taste, this place also provides you the best place for that post-movie treat with friends & family.

The owner of the place is concerned about the quality and more importantly hygiene, she also believes in serving every one of the customer herself, while supervising the workstation. Overall homely & pocket-friendly at one place!

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QDOBA, Khau Gaali, Madhusudan Marg, Ekamra Vihar, Bhubaneswar – The Mexican Food Truck

  After Chinese & Korean, are you down for a nice, hot Mexican Taco with Relish, Mustard and Mayo? Or how about some fresh Mexican Pasta?

From Mexican Club Sandwiches, Nachos, Tacos, Mocktails, Pastas this place is surely at par compared to the posh restaurants or multiplexes those serve Mexican food just by name and not by food.

QDOBA Bhubaneswar

Expect nothing less but surprises as you encounter this bus that produces food that makes you have flavor explosions inside, and the best part is you might even catch up with some renowned celebrities from Ollywood while you’re diving in for the second helping of Nachos! At least we did quite many times! Lucky place to be, right?

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HYDERABAD KEBAB POINT, Khau Gali, Madhusudan Marg,     Ekamra Vihar, Bhubaneswar       (Beside Qdoba)

This joint is that place where you can get almost all the varieties of Kebabs that you can get in Kebab-a-queue or Kebab Factory minus all that expensive prices.

With around 8 different types of non vegetarian aspects and around 20 different flavors this Kebab center won’t let you get bored with it!

No artificial shimmer, no particular show-offs it is one of those places where customers themselves get surprised on how rich the taste of the food is, than the place!

KAILASH PAV BHAJI, Infront of  BSP office, Market Building, Bhubaneswar


Someone rightly said that time is the mighty and can heal all wounds. Well, even time seem to have lost to the taste and the sheer fragrance that has engulfed this place for the last 15 years.

A small, yet well renowned among locals, this place could be easily found if you have that olfactory sense in you which would announce ‘Utterly Butterly Delicious’ all the way!

Somewhere where even I used to go when I was 11 years old, this place has surpassed time and remained the same taste-haven for everyone who once goes.

With that perfect blend of moist-from-inside-crunchy-from-outside pav breads to some heavenly smelling bhaji with a generous helping of butter over it is all that you need after that tiring office day.

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(Master Canteen, Patia, Sahid Nagar, Chandrasekharpur, Gopabandhu Marg, Bapuji Nagar, Ravi Talkies)


Apart from being a classic tandoori and biriyani outlet, Green Chillyz are also the hippiest place for its tasty rolls.

Even though Indians aren’t the only ones who love to have brunches, the Mexicans too have similar equivalents of rolls as wraps and burritos, but the Indians for sure have the world’s most people preferring brunches for these rolls which are tasty, heavy in quantity and easy to carry as well.

Green Chillyz also happen to be in the ‘Social Buzz’ of the y-generation too, so next time you win or lose a bet you’re in luck to make some good friends here!

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NANDIGHOSA CHAAT, BMC Food Stalls, Opposite Kali Mandir, Rupali Square, Bhubaneswar







‘Chaat’ the hindi term for Savory itself can mean a hell lot of different snacks that could be found in India.

But, then again the word itself is a widely popular dish for most of the Indians too! Mutter Chaat, Aaloo Chaat, Papri Chaat, Tikki Chaat, Raj Kachori Chaat, Dahi Chaat, etc the list seems limitless.

Well, for all those I-Heart-Chaats people, we have the tastiest place in town where you can get delicious chaat with a blend of authentic Odia (Cuttack) flavor to it.

Now, don’t worry, we just add some Dahivadas to the chaat! Surprised, eh? Well, then I bet you would be more surprised when this chaat hits your tongue! Through the past 8 years this place has only been up in its taste and in the customer queues.

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ANAND FOOD PLAZA, Bapuji Nagar, Bhubaneswar

Anand food plaza bapuji nagar bhubaneswar 

Perhaps the most overrated snack of all times are the pakodas or in this case the chicken pakodas which can have endless types of tastes, spices and texture to it depending upon the region where you’re having it. For Bhubaneswar, you get the best Chicken pakodas here!

Even people who live under the rock know about this place as it has been in business for more than 7 years now and yet has an ever growing list of trusted customers who come back to taste the variety of chicken, mutton, prawn pakodas this place has to offer.

Overall it looks like any other nearby the street stall, but the pakodas are surely to make you come back!                                                       

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Pahala Rasagolla, Bhubaneswar

Buddies, now its’ for all those who have a sweet tooth, you all really need to check this place! A place which can be called without being wrong in any way ‘The Rasagolla Haven’ of Odisha. Comprising of 3-5 different types of rasagollas, this place serves you everything hot! Even  the doctors swear to the medical benefits of having hot rasagollas everyday, once visited this place won’t let you forget it until you become addicted to it. Even though it is situated 23.6 kms away from Bhubaneswar, but I bet the moment those steaming, soft and fluffy rounds mere touch your taste buds it would all be worth-having!

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Well, folks that’s all that we found out for you to be when you’re in Bhubaneswar! Hit ‘like’ it if you too are a foodie. And if you happen to be there sometime, let us know your views about all of it in the comments section below. Cheers for now!

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