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Best time to visit Bhubaneswar

Summer season in Bhubaneswar

This city witnesses scorching summers which are hot and humid. Summer season is usually starts from March to May which is dry. The best time to visit Bhubaneswar is summer when people prefer comfortable and light cloths to beat the heat. Temperature touches above 45°C during these days. In April and May, sudden afternoon thunderstorms are seen.

Monsoon season in Bhubaneswar

Climate of the city is moderate. Monsoon starts from June to September. During this period people can get relief from hot and harsh sun. Average annual rainfall is about 154 cm and city medium to heavy rainfalls is witnesses by the city. The best season to visit Bhubaneswar is the monsoon season when can view the scenic beauty of the city.

Winter season in Bhubaneswar

Winter season: Around 12 °C (54 °F) temperature is seen during December to February. October and February is the best time to visit the city as the temperature is pleasant.

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