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Bhubaneswar Pathotsava – the new name of Raahgiri

The name of Raahgiri has been changed to ‘Bhubaneswar Pathotsava‘to give it a Odia flavour and connect odia peple more with the road festval.
Raahgiri Bhubaneswar 27 Nov 2016 Event details
Raahgiri was started last year and in the mansoon season this year which was a big success and hit with the masses.
BMC has conducted a contest to attract submissions for a new name for Raahgiri from 20 Nov to 24 Nov.
From thousands of submissions finaly ‘Bhubaneswar Pathotsava’ was chosen. The tagline for this festival is chosen as ‘Ama Sahara Ama Rasta‘.
Raahgiri is scheduled to tbe started from 27th November at Janpath betwwen Ram mandir square and Master canteen.

Do you think the new name of Raahgiri is justified for our city? Do you think its a good name? Give you comments and thoughts on this.

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