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The Big Bird Flu Myth in Bhubaneswar Busted Finally

H5N1 - Avian Influenza or popularly know as Bird Flu
H5N1 – Avian Influenza or popularly known as Bird Flu

Last December the news of Bird flu epidemic in Keranga, Khurda district had took all the color away from people of Bhubaneswar who were eagerly waiting for the upcoming new year celebration be it picnics, parties and the marriages planned. Though very less number of samples were found positive with H5N1 virus infection as reported by the National Institute for High Security Animal Diseases (NIHSAD), Bhopal; cases of dead crows and poultry near Salia sahi at Bhubaneswar fueled the spread of the bird flu mania.

No Chances Taken:

Since then, the BMC has been on HIGH ALERT throughout the city as well as, has also been swift in taking bold steps of setting up of Rapid Response Teams in Salia Sahi, Dumduma, Sailashree Vihar, Sikhar Chandi & Patia after some bizarre deaths of crows and birds in the respective areas.

However, this time people were more concerned about the Avian Flu and without getting quite bothered, they willingly took to other non-vegan alternatives this holiday season. Well, that is more good for us as we got to do some welcoming changes to the menu, rather than just the same old chilly chicken or chicken biriyani for the parties and picnics. I Know, Right?

The Sigh of Relief! :

The Fisheries and Animal Resources Department on last Sunday stated that there has been no avian influenza outbreak in Bhubaneswar and the sole positive case was that of a crow which tested positive more than 10 days back. So there is no cause of real concern as no fresh infection has been reported so far.

The department said it has sent at least 180 samples of poultry birds for test to National Institute for High Security Animal Diseases (NIHSAD), Bhopal and not a single case has been reported back as yet.

With seasonal vaccinations in the poultry, followed by the negative test results of the suspected birds, the city is back on track with fresh farm and poultry products.

And the Assurance:

Moreover, for that eerie fear at the back of your mind while eating chicken, the government is still on its toes when it comes to know of any abnormal deaths of birds and follows it with a sanitization drive in the reported areas, since the flu spreads with close contact of infected humans and bird droppings.

The officials at the Fisheries and Animal Resources Department has also gone on record to say that people should not be concerned about the flu at all, since only one positive case of Avian Flu was detected in the test in the first week of January and moreover, bird flu shouldn’t be of such concern as the Indian Style of cooking chicken itself leaves no scope for any transmission. Thumbs up to the Biriyanis, then!

The senior official further clarified that the Bird Flu Scare was more hyped because of the unnatural death of crows in Salia Sahi, which happened because of the extreme cold that has engulfed the city rather than the flu.

bird flu and general public behaviour
This is how the general public behave when they first hear about bird flu

So, for all those fried-chicken-obsessed fellas out there, get all your friends and family together and break this news to them over some traditional Indian Chicken dishes and let the Chickenologists do their work.

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  1. Finally d ansan is about to break..goin to eat it today itself..thanx for d info..if u love chicken den u knw wat sort of feeling it is not to hv chicken..grt ..keep posting!

  2. Yippee hoooo..!!! Finally the time has come to eat chicken, waited for a long time, im gonna eat today itself.
    Thnx for the info..!!

  3. Thank you so much everyone for your valuable support! We really appreciate your views 🙂 Keep coming back.. Ciao

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