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Black Rose incident near Paradip Port

Nine years ago, a Mongolian flag ship called Black Rose, sank in the Bay of Bengal off the coast of Paradip, killing its Ukrainian chief engineer and injuring its crew members. The ship was loaded with 23,843 tonnes of iron ore, 947 metric tonnes of flammable furnace oil and 47 metric tonnes of diesel. These heavy raw materials were attributed as the causes of the capsizing of the vessel.

sinking Black Rose

The Paradip Port Trust set out immediately to rescue its crew members during night hours. The PPT(Paradip Port Trust) spent more than rupees 15 crore to remove oil from the sunken ship. The marine police of Paradip had filed cases in September 2009 against the manager and owner of the sunken ship for fabricating fake insurance papers and other documents to anchor the Mongolian ship in the Paradip Port.

The visible portion of the ship has disappeared and may cause serious accidents in future with the passer-by ships and other floating crafts.

The Central Government handed over the probation of the sinking of Black Rose to the Central Bureau of Investigation. Representatives of the Paradip Port Trust, Pratap Mishra and Bhuban Mohan Jena, sought inquiry by the federal investigative agency into the sinking of the vessel.

The sinking of Black Rose remained a tragedy in the maritime history of the world. Of now, the Paradip Port Trust is not allowing loading of iron ore even during slight rain to prevent another such unfateful incident.

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