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Books on Wheels

“How interesting it would be if books could move!

walking book fairs

Introducing you to the bibliophile duo of Bhubaneswar Satabdi Mishra and Akshya Rautaray , founders of “Walking book Fair“. These people literally make 4000 books move across India. They both travel to various cities exhibiting a wide range of collection from picture books to classics.

They have a mixed bag of various genres including the unconventional ones like books on cinema, Indian writers, children’s books and even non-fiction. The mobile library is indeed richer and classier than most bookstores.

Akshaya and Satabdi

This unusual concept of taking books to people was conceived by Mishra and Routray when they were brainstorming on how to create a “world without boundaries”.

Books play a very key role in shaping the nation, but the education system has conditioned students that course books are enough to grab a high paying job! So the idea was basically to make people read irrespective of their age and place, making books accessible in the nooks and corners of India.

This ambitious project gained momentum from the dusty roads of rural Odisha. Both the book enthusiasts packed their bags with books and hearts with hopes and loitered around the village, displaying Oriya and English books. This was the beginning and then there was no looking back. They painted an old van, stuffed it with as much books as they can and  went places.

The clarion call of these book lovers is “Read more India”. They toured over 20 states in a span of three months promoting the lost habit of reading. They sell books at a very low benefit margin so that people receive the most out of their efforts.

In this digital world of PDFs’ and kindle their unconventional approach will definitely make people fall in love with the books once again

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