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Celebrities and their Strong Odia Food Vibe

Yes, its the austere month of love confessions, love dates, love songs, love dances and of course the love food. So, what if we reveal you what some top-class celebrities most loved food is about? Would you believe that from Hollywood stars to the Rashtrapati Bhavan in Delhi, the Odia Cuisine has made some world-class landmarks and defined our cravings for it too? If yes, then let’s get started with the list:

Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam loved to have Dalma, Ghaanta and introduced them to the Rashtrapati Bhavan menu during his presidential regime.

Now, everybody knows how humble, passionate the Missile Man of India was. But, have you ever thought, what did he love to have on his platter after all that missile making and testing? A person edifying the quote “Simple living, High Thinking” loved to have Dalma and Ghaanta Tarkari so much that he even introduced these to the Rashtrapati Bhavan Menu. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was born in Rameswaram, and he had grown up on South Indian dishes like Rasam, Rice and other relevant vegan delicacies till the end, preferably on banana leaves.

After knowing this, we can hope that no one would take Dalma for granted anymore, especially when its on the Rashtrapati Bhavan Menu. Royal Dish, indeed! Changing your mind to have Dalma in your next lunch? Here’s where you can have that finger-licking dalma in Bhubaneswar. Want to try it at home? Here’s the recipe to get you started!


How about if we move our eyes to the west side of the world? Even there, people are crazy for Indian food, and when it comes to these people nothing can take them away from their plates and spoons, not even Police!


Madonna loves Ghee, Idli, fresh Coriander leaves in curries, especially Ghee Rice and Sambhar.

Yes, you heard it right. She may be a legend to the entire world, but when it comes to food she’s just like any other person who has some extreme choices and soft-heart for certain recipes. She says: “I love the magical aroma in Indian curries, especially like the smell of fresh Coriander leaves”. Now when it comes to Ghee rice, it’s a dish that is basically prepared all over India, but since the most famous places it’s cooked and devoured is the eastern and the southern part of India, so Madonna would sincerely like a bowl of steaming rice with a hint of sweetness and the aroma of Ghee, almost like the ‘Kanika’ or the ‘Charu’ of the Mahaprasad of the Jagannath Temple. Known to start her


morning with ghee on each slice of bread, looks like this ‘Like a Virgin’ girl has great taste in food too. You go, girl! Wait, still don’t believe it? Read more for yourself about Madonna, Lady Gaga, Tom Cruise and their love for Indian Food here.




Priyanka Chopra loves Burgers, French Fries, Bourbon home-cooked Parathas, Sarson ka Saag, Fish Curry & Curd Rice.

 Our Desi Girl has taken all the world right in her hands and made every Indian, even the small town girls who dream big believe that they can rule the world too. The twice People’s Choice Winner for the Favorite Actor in Drama Series for her role of Alex Parrish in the American series ‘Quantico’ on ABC (2015, 2016) is very verve when it comes to food and has always been lucky as she can eat all the junk she wants without even the slightest change to her physique. On various interviews, she has revealed she loves Fish Curries especially home cooked with mustard, or more commonly known as ‘Besara’ in Odia or ‘Shorshe Maach’ in Bengali.

These two cuisines shares the same crazyness for fish dishes and varieties. So for anyone who loves mustard, relish or even the sarson ka saag can’t possibly say no to this solid gold of a dish! This Punjabi girl also loves Atomic Chicken wings, Red Wine and Hot dogs with a lot of relish! Spicy, isn’t she? Check out how Priyanka Chopra take on Jimmy Fallon in Hot Wings Eating Challenge here.


From Hollywood, lets have a look to the BollyVerse. There are quite a few actors, actresses, singers, directors who have spilled the beans on their foodgasms, and when it comes to the next actor, he’s the perfect example of a quintessential man in this urban world.

Ranbir Kapoor loves anything Mutton in his Foodporn

Yes, the most eligible bachelor and most desired single at the same time currently in India. What people don’t know is that he’s also an extremist for mutton dishes. He almost worships Jungli Mutton Curry. Though prepared all over the odisha in its simplest form, Jungli Mutton curry or the typical Khaasi Mangso Tarkari which is also a well known signature dish of Ganjam and Bramhapur and nearby regions of the Orissa- Andhra border.

jungli mutton curry or lal maas
                                                            A typical Jungli Mutton Curry or Khaasi Mangso jhol or Laal Maas


Sona Mohapatra is our homie rocking the charts and making everyone crazy with her authentic textured voice, also goes gaga over Dahibara Aloodum

Every Odia loves to start their day with a sweet, sour and savory bowl of Dahibara Aloodum. Studied at College of Engineering & Technology, Bhubaneswar and further MBA at Symbiosis, Pune, this odia girl of 25, cherishes her college days memories where she, like any other student bunk classes and have Dahibara Aloodum with her friends. Sona Mohapatra has also served as the Brand Manager in organizations like Marico, Parachute, Mediker.

Looks like ‘Bon Apetit’ is for one and all indeed.

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