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Colour Coded Dustbins – The New Eye candy in the city

coloured dustbins in bhubaneswar

Has the sight of the colorful dustbins across the roads in the city recently caught your eyes? Well, in that case, its something that everyone’s talking about since there are as many as 5,000 new dustbins in the city all beautifully colored and upgraded.

The two bins are in bright green and blue colour. The green dustbins are for the bio-degradable or biotic wastes like vegetable peels, leftover food, paper, etc while the blue ones are for recyclable waste such as glass, containers, rubber, rags, etc.

An initiative basically started by the BMC, it aims at segregating or separating the wastes in it’s primary form to generate energy from the waste that these dustbins gather separately, and it has already fenced the proposed site for the energy generation plant at Bhuasuni dumping yard.

According to the BMC, the civic body is planning to install 3,600 dustbins at 1,800 locations across the city to ensure better waste management and a cleaner city.

By February 1, as many as 1,000 bins will be set up at 500 locations. Each location will have the two blue and green coloured bins for waste collection and easy segregation.

Under Swacch Survekshan II, Bhubaneswar ranked 24th among other 73 cities in India last year, but considering this new initiative by BMC and our inclusive effort in making it success could take Bhubaneswar higher among the list this year, especially when we could generate energy from our wastes!

As per our information The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has already installed the dustbins at more than 200 locations like the city bus stand, Master Canteen Square and Ram Mandir Square, Market building and other busy market areas.

Looking at it overall, it solves around some of the most critical problems faced in the city, like cluttering of the drains due to poly bags, breeding ground for malaria, dengue causing mosquitoes etc and most importantly more cleaner and decent roads and pavements in the city.

With the technology to our rescue, we dont have to worry to find a nearby dustbin in the city. We have a web app for that. The app Whereisthedustbin can find dustbins and toilets for you across the city. It makes you even more cautious and responsible while you’re throwing out wastes. The app designed by two IIIT, Bhubaneswar 2013 batch students this app has been in the market since last year has constantly been popular since then. You can get the app here.

Well, looks like a Bhubaneswarite has a lot to think, contribute and do just by throwing some wastes down into the dustbin, right? So lets do our part to keep our city clean by using these bins.

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