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Combating psychological diseases – Challenges in our Society

Innumerable denizens of our country are affected with various psychological disorders. Some of these disorders consist of depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, fatigue, phobia, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), trauma, stress and panic.

What people think about the disease

A majority of our population fail to recognize the disease in due time and some, even after recognizing, hide it in shame, thinking it to be an embarrassing illness. To all those who conceal it, let me make one thing very clear for you.

Psychological or mental diseases require that much heed, same as any other kind of medical disease. There is nothing wrong with it and nothing to be ashamed of.
It is associated with health, our mental health, which is very much essential, since health is regarded as the foremost wealth.
Instead of professionally combating the disease and bringing it to the notice of psychiatrists and medical professionals, people hide it and silently suffer, enduring it. This is not at all acceptable and appropriate measures should be undertaken, to eradicate the negligency of patients, affected with mental disorders.

Importance of psychiatrists in life

Psychologists and psychiatrists can play a vital role in this process of spreading awareness.
If someone has a small cut or wound, he/she visits the doctor to address their issue. Then why hesitate to prefer a psychiatrist, when suffering from mental disorders?

Opinion of society for the disease

People, mostly who are uneducated or mildly uneducated, think that paying a visit to a psychiatrist and bringing to fore their mental health issues, would form an image of themselves, as a mad or fanatic, in the eye of their friends and relatives and in their social circle.
Somehow, the society is also to be blamed for this kind of thinking.

Importance of mental health

Physical health, mental health and social health constitute the three components of a person’s health, out of which mental health is the primary one.
In our hectic and strenous lives, it is obvious to face issues related to our mental health and there’s nothing bad about it. It is as natural as any other kind of health issue.

People suffer from different kinds of mental illness

90 percent working professionals face anxiety, fatigue, stress and panic, owing to their busy lives.
Some receive shock, due to some grave happenings in their lives and sadly enter into depression. These patients require empathy of parents, friends and relatives.
Some have phobia towards certain elements, like water, confined enclosure, etc. Phobia of water is called hydrophobia. Phobia of a confined room of walls is medically termed as claustrophobia.
Some others are affected with OCD. The term OCD refers to the habit of a person, to perform a task again and again, until he/she is satisfied.
These health issues are of immense concern and has to be taken care of, in time.

Empathy towards patients

For a patient suffering from mental illness, compassion is the most essential requirement for him/her. The patient expects it from his/her family, especially parents.

Essence of counselling in one’s life

Psychiatrists, besides prescribing medicines, should also opt for proper counselling sessions, which plays a key role in the recovery of patients, suffering from mental illness.
Psychiatrists should deeply enquire their patients, about their problems and should provide them tips and solutions, about how to overcome it.
After acknowledging a patient’s strengths and weaknesses, the doctor should provide them efficient treatment, to enable quick recovery.

Most crucial patients

Patients, who have been into prolonged depression or trauma, are the most serious ones. They should be delicately handled by psychiatrists.
A minute proportion of these patients even think of committing suicide and must be paid attention in time, before they opt for such drastic negative initiative. They are the ones who need counselling the most.
I personally pity these patients and pray for their speedy recovery.

Health care centres for treating mental illness

Various psychiatric institutions and counselling centres have been set up all around, with well-trained psychiatrists, who are engaged in rendering proper treatment to patients.

Be optimistic in life

It is said that, god helps those who help themselves. So, my sincere advice to all patients, suffering from mental illness, is that, medicine and counselling will obviously help you recover, but first of all, you have to have confidence in yourself, that you will definitely recover one day.
Help yourself first, by being optimistic in your thought. Encountering mental illness is just like combating any other disease.
So have patience, undergo counselling and intake medicines prescribed. All will be well !

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