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Combating psychological diseases – Challenges in our Society

Innumerable denizens of our country are affected with various psychological disorders. Some of these disorders consist of depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, fatigue, phobia, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), trauma, stress and panic. What people think about the disease A majority of our population fail to recognize the disease in due time and some, even

SAMS not doing justice to the students

Odisha Government has an organized system called Students Academic and Management System (SAMS), for +2 and degree level admission. In present-day age, it is the other name of e-admission. The task of this systematized organisation is to maintain the academic and financial records of admitted students. Conjoining that, they make rank,

Superstitions – A burden on developing Odisha!

Superstition is any such belief or practice which is in contradiction to modern science. It varies from region to region. Superstitious beliefs of a certain person may not be considered so by another. Minds of people in Odisha are also clouded with superstitious beliefs. One such belief is that if we