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Events you exactly need to kickstart this weekend in Bhubaneswar

shop-a-flea event in bhubaneswar

If you are wondering what to do this weekend, then we have have some ideas for you. We have listed out various events keeping the different interests of people in mind. Be a wildlife enthusiast or more of a dreamer who wants to become an entrepreneur, an aesthete or perhaps just as shopaholic like us? Well, we’ve just sorted your week with these not-to-miss events that are double the fun & twice the thrill!

Bhubaneswar has always been the heart of Indian culture and traditions, when it comes to Indian heritage, music, dance, religious beliefs and architecture.

Now, we know what you must be wondering that this article is perhaps yet another long, boring article talking about the lost Indian heritage or perhaps about some events that are too much hyped! But, don’t you worry homie as we have listed some of the best events to go to this weekend that are sure to add the correct spice to your life!

It’s going to be bumpy ride, so strap in tight, alright?


event herping trail in bhubaneswar

Now, we all get intrigued when it comes to creatures of the wild, right?

What if we say to you that this weekend in the very heart of the city, People For Animals is organizing something that’s both exciting as well as uniquely informative.

No, Herping Trail is not some seminar or awareness programme on Snakes rather a real, snake rescue and relocation workshop! We know right?

On 14th & 15th October at 10 a.m in the Regional Museum of Natural History, Bhubaneswar Herping Trail workshop will be held for 2 days and 1 night by Professor Sushil Dutta and Dr. Pratyush Mohapatra.

The workshop will also be focusing on Snake Taxonomy (that says about the origin and evolution of the exclusive species talked about) Awareness building, but with all real snakes and practical sessions! Wait, what? No we’re not kidding!


event Night trail in bhubaneswar
Participants of Herping Trail-Night Trail event in Bhubaneswar
during the night trail of Herping trail
during the night trail of Herping trail

So, the next time you come across a snake you know how to make it safer for it and everyone around you by giving it a well-deserved home! Much like National Geographic’s Australian Zoo relocation programmes! Here are some photos from the night trail which is pure wilderness.

From the moonlit jungles of Chandaka, how about some exclusive shopping just in time before the festival of lights? Here’s our special toast to all the shopaholics of Bhubaneswar!


shop-a-flea event in bhubaneswar

Are you an ardent shopper who knows where all the sales are, be it on Amazon or at Brand Factory outlets. Because, if you are, then this shopping festival is something you must not miss. Flea shops or Flea market are very popular acrross the globe and this Flea Shop festival is Bhubaneswar’s first fashion, food & lifestyle carnival with its tagline “something for everyone”.

There, we sorted your pre-Diwali gifting issues as all things are at huge discounts and exclusively for Diwali!

Organized at the Crown hotel in association with The New Indian Express Group on 14th & 15th October from 11am- 11pm, it’s the biggest party to be where everything is on sale!

And the best part, you ask! It’s the first ever midnight market bustling with food, fun and festivities! You do you, Bhubaneswar!

Even though these events sound fun, but is there something that seems missing to you? Oh, we know exactly what you’re looking for! For all the homies & baes who just wanna chill and have a good time & good laugh on this pre-Diwali weekend, here’s your perfect destination!


Open Mic event at bhubaneswar

After a long day at work what’s more appetizing than some charcoal grilled Barbeque Hot wings, Virgin Mojitos, and some shayari? Well, if open mics is your thing then perhaps you would like to hop in to Central Perk 7, Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar at 5pm for a romantic musical evening!

Organized by The Chain Jokers, Bhubaneswar’s very own set of unique stand-up comedians ( And not to forget, they also have their very own open mic at Central Perk on 16th October ) this time has outdone themselves and brought something very new for the first time.

Featuring Anurag Kirti, an IT engineer from Wipro Bhubaneswar who’s gifted with a lot of humour and a lot of ‘nazakat’ in shayari, this is gonna be a night to remember with your besties or for a cozy evening with your soulmate!

Whoa, looks like a Diwali gift before Diwali! For making it special and hassle-free, you just need to contact Anurag at this number 7873014180 to get it covered for you on 14th evening. There, we told you!

It’s time for all the bookworms to get out of their shells! Hear, Hear! Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar is in town!


with Hansda Sowvendra shekhar

book signing event by HANSDA SOWVENDRA SHEKHARIf you’ve read the book ‘The Adivasi Will Not Dance’ and know what is about, this event is a can’t-be-missed at all!

Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar gathered stories about his people, the Santhals of Jharkhand, for his collection The Adivasi will not Dance, which has Goodreads rating of 4.09 on 5.

It was published in 2015 to critical acclaim; just as his novel The Mysterious Ailment of Rupi Baskey, which won him the Sahitya Akademi Yuva Purashkar the same year.

Organized by Walking Bookfairs at HIG 34, First Floor, Phase 1, Khandagiri, AMRI Hospital Road, Bhubaneswar, India on October 14th at 2pm, this revolutionary writer will get candid about how he fights ban on him by the government for his exclusive portrayal of Santhalis in his books.

Man, now that’s intense! A quick book signing as well as Meet & Greet will take place then and what’s more? Only the bibliophiles will get what we mean!

Shhh…if you’re intrigued about the writer and his works and would like to know something about the ban before going to meet him, here’s the entire story about the ban, //

After the bookworms how can we forget the poetic minds?


event ARS POETICA in bhubaneswar

Homes are meant to be extra-ordinary. It’s as private to us as our prayers and secrets and techniques.

For a few, home is the geographical region, where fishes quickly swim through crystal clean water like flashes of lightning and vegetation is discovered blooming even in mid-summer season, whereas for a few it is a cellular idea, converting consistently with your reputation of migration and regional politics.

For some, home is a non-violent sleep in an overcrowded chawl in which gutters overflow and for a few, home is as a long way as they could get from their house, far from the regular bickering and people getting used as punching bags but overall home is in their heart which they carry along as they keep wandering like a nomad in their mother’s lap or their lover’s hands.

Organized by the Bhubaneswar Poetry Club, at Hookie Dookie on 15th October, at 9 am it is for the peotic souls who would like to define homes in their own ways! Narrating the tale of your belonging in a satire is what makes this a sure tick on your checklist!

Whoa! Looks like there is so much to-do this weekend in so less time! Why can’t we have longer weekends? If you’re nodding to this share your views in the comments below and for more such joyrides keep coming back to BhubaneswarLive!

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