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Spend your evening at these famous beaches of Odisha

The state of Odisha has incredible, off-beat beaches. Beautiful beaches outlay the state with long stretches of golden sand, deep blue sea and cool winds which definitely increase people’s craze for them to relax and have fun. It takes away all the hectic city stress you have within yourself.

Odisha is one of the best destination owing to its amazing beaches throughout its coastal belt. These majestic beaches under the sun will completely refresh your body and soul. The not-so-popular magical Odisha coast will steal your heart with its awesome surreal beauty.

Beaches are commonly lined with coconut and palm trees which add to its splendid fascination. The clear waters and unblemished beaches draw a lot of tourists to come for exploring the enchanting beauty of eastern Indian coast.

Beaches will truly engulf you in a holiday spirit. Basking in the glory of a moderate sun will enfoster a mezmerizing spark within you. Odisha is dotted with exquisite beaches, each of which have a unique feature of their own. Some of the explorable shorelines of Odisha coast that will leave you spellbound are :-

1)Puri Beach – The abode of Lord Jagannath makes it world famous and the coastline is equally mezmerizing. Seashells and sand dunes upline the seashore. Wind breezing in the night time is refreshing enough while you gorge on delicious seafood at the local street stalls.

Puri sea beach

The divinity of Puri and the tranquility of the beach adds to its ambience. A beach festival is organised here every November which attracts tourists from all over the world and makes it a perfect place to pay a visit.

It is popular due to the purifying dips pilgrims take in the sea water according to Hindu accustomed beliefs. Swimming is a feasible option because of the luminous sea waters. One can spend quality time here and have stuff from the kiosk shops.

2)Chandrabhaga Beach – It is one of the beautiful immaculate beaches lying on the Bay of Bengal coast, near the mouth of Chandrabhaga river. This taintless beach is a popular spot for having a clear sight of sunrise and sunset. One can sit back on the sand and gaze at the sea waters and enjoy the waves.

Chandrabhaga beach

It has beautiful seaweeds and flowers thriving on the nearby land surrounded by hoards of butterflies, giving it a beholding sight. The sun-kissed sand and the gleaming waters make the beach drenched in serenity.

It magnetizes visitors for enjoying and experiencing nature at its best. It is recognized for leisurely walks and keeping a keen eye on the sun during sunrise or sunset at the distant horizon.

3)Gopalpur Beach – It renders tranquility to visitors and adventure lovers have their inclination of fun activities to perform here like surfing and sailing. Rows of coconut and palm trees lie on the land beside the beach. White sand dunes disjoint the beach from the blue sea waters. The golden sand has its own sleepy charm. Its a quite place ideal for swimming and sunbathing.

Gopalpur Beach

It is more enthralling than others because of its situation amidst the serene beauty of nature. This place is provocating people to discover nature in its untouched form and is regarded as a sailor’s paradise. It is a reserved beach and has a calm environment with pillar remnants of an old jetty along with a port.

It is a safe surfing marginalized destination on account of its smooth sands that effortlessly merge with the deep blue waters of Bay of Bengal and presents a striking view of the horizon. One can clearly get a glimpse of fishermen engaged in their daily activities with their nets full of the season’s fresh sea eateries.

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