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Focus of Odisha on Eco-tourism development

Odisha is a state with exotic beaches, vibrant wildlife and fortified for its rich cultural heritage. The state government is working towards constructing a robust tourism infrastructure with special focus on eco-tourism, eyeing 23 million domestic and foreign visitors by the end of 2021, as mentioned by a senior official.

Tourism secretary of the state, Vishal Kumar Dev, said that the state has made phenomenal progress in all major sectors, especially in tourism industry. The state is looking forward to augment its tourist inflow on a large scale with the help of new and dynamic tourism policies and other required fundamental infrastructural developments.

Stunning natural resources, spread-eagle biodiversity and renowned monuments fill all aspects of tourist attraction, thus making the state proud. Light is thrown on eco-tourism and wellness tourism facets to entice more number of tourists for exploring the overlooked parts of Odisha.

361 local youths have been trained as eco-guides and 244 others as state level guides under the schema of capacity building training programme as laid down by the Odisha State Youth Policy for providing escort to excursionists. The infrastructures of most of the tourist spots are underdeveloped and is not enough to accomodate tourists migrating in huge number, which is the biggest concern.

More star hotels with exclusive rooms are to be set up in those areas. A tourism authoritative made a note that the state is aiming to have 2500 star category hotel rooms and five international destinations with straightforward air connectivity in upcoming three years.

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