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Ice-cream parlours in Bhubaneswar

Ice-cream is a sweet frozen dessert, preferred mostly after meals. Amongst all sweet delicacies, ice-cream is the most sought-after dessert. Be it whatever time of the year, ice-cream is consumed by folk of all sorts. Simply hearing the word ice-cream makes peoples' mouth watery. It is more in demand by

Types of Pitha prepared in Odisha

Pithas are traditional Odian sweet delicacies which is not only authentic, but also lip-smacking. Pithas normally resemble pancakes. Rice flour, wheat flour, coconut and jaggery serve the major ingredients for preparing pithas. In Odisha, pithas are made on certain occasions and festivals. Although it can also be prepared on a

Love Desserts! Check out these trending restaurants for desserts in Bhubaneswar

awesome places fopr desserts in Bhubaneswar

From aged people to youngsters and kids, everyone has a special place in their heart for desserts. Be it a long day of work, a bad situation or when you feel low- dessert always rises you up and is the answer to everything. With the fast changes in the recent times

Celebrities and their Strong Odia Food Vibe

Yes, its the austere month of love confessions, love dates, love songs, love dances and of course the love food. So, what if we reveal you what some top-class celebrities most loved food is about? Would you believe that from Hollywood stars to the Rashtrapati Bhavan in Delhi, the Odia

Awesome Places For Street Food Lovers in Bhubaneswar

famous gupchup in bhubaneswar

A Foodie yourself? Then you must know all about the spice, chop-chop, crunch that goes with devouring of those famous sassiest street food. And guess what! The world knows how varied Indian street food could be too. Indian street snacks even shares 10th place in the 20 best must have