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Former Confidant of Naveen Patnaik, Pyarimohan Mohapatra Breathes His Last

Naveen Patnaik, alongwith Pyarimohan Mohapatra (extreme left) in hurried discussion during a BJD public meeting.

Renowned to be the chief strategist in the Biju Janata Dal and the pallbearer of Naveen Patnaik’s crucial decisions regarding the development of the state passed away quietly on 9:30 pm on Sunday, 19th March 2017 at Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai where he was being treated for the last 2 months, as he had contracted an infection to his lungs that spread to his brain and became critical to be on ventilator support. Pyarimohan also underwent lung surgery for a tumour in March last year.

Born in Talcher, this 77 year old former IAS, has always been marveled for his psyche of Odisha’s geography and historical attributes, and how intermittently he kept them while developing strategies before they were executed in real-time. He also served as the chief secretary to Biju Patnaik back in 1990 to 1995, before being the senses of the newly turned Naveen Patnaik, who was then looking forward to carry the legacy of political administration onwards in Odisha; and within no-time became to be known as the ‘Naveen-Pyari’ jodi to the commoners in the state.

Naveen Patnaik pays his final tribute to the long-lost friend, Pyarimohan Mohapatra when the body arrives at Biju Patnaik International Airport on 19th March 2017 from Mumbai.

However, ‘Naveen-Pyari’ did not last long till late 2009, when Pyarimohan blurted out the suicidal move to dump BJP in the assembly elections, stating it as a ‘liability’ after the Kandhamal riots and secured 109 seats out of 147 and after a few more vicarious yet witty propositions that made BJD touch the skies, Pyarimohan seemed to be drunk by his own popularity and impulse. Considered to be the puppeteer of Naveen, ministers now were seeking Pyari’s consent on everything, rather than the Chief Minister himself resulting in a crack in the party where 33 out of 104 MLA’s showed allegiance to the then considered ‘Chanakya’, while Naveen was away for his first foreign trip to London after being the Chief Minister of Odisha. But, that’s not where it all ended.

Quite winds it shifted, the ‘Naveen-Pyari’ storm upon the reveal of the in-party rebel and preposterous plans of Pyarimohan Mohapatra, behind the backs of Naveen Patnaik in January 2012.

As even the Devil gets outwitted, Naveen Patnaik unilaterally announced the names of three Rajya Sabha candidates without even a word to Pyari, and also uprooted the weed when Naveen unilaterally announced BJD’s support for former Lok Sabha Speaker PA Sangma as presidential candidate, leaving Pyari swearing furious revenging promises at the Chief Minister of the state and has been living in political oblivion since last year.

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