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Herbalife nutrition seminar conducted at HHI in Bhubaneswar

Herbalife nutrition seminar was organized in Bhubaneswar, at Hotel Hindustan International, yesterday. Official timings of the conference was from 10:15 am to 2 pm.
Various health educationists, nutrition consultants, nutrition experts, medical professionals concerning nutrition and health, Herbalife associates and other guests and visitors turned up for the event. Numerous sponsors of the nutrition company and of the event, also turned up yesterday.

What is Herbalife

Herbalife is a global nutrition company, that has helped people achieve healthy, active lives, since 1980. Today, it operates in more than 90 countries worldwide.
Herbalife operates through a network of independent associates, with innovative products, backed by world renowned scientists.
The main organiser of the event in Bhubaneswar is Sushil Kumar Sonthalia, who is himself a doctor and is closely associated with Herbalife, for a long 15 years.
The seminar was an awesome one and provided a practical outlook of Odisha citizens’ contemporary health problems. The event not only focussed on eliminating health issues, but also aimed at improving our physical, social and psychological health.
In our hectic schedule, we fail to recognise the importance of maintaining our health, unless affected with a disease. This thought process has to be overcome. Prior importance has to be given to health, as is rightly said, ‘Health is Wealth’.
I can personally remark the event as fantastic, since I was also present there with my mom. Its a grand opportunity to know about nutrition and health benefits of Herbalife nutritional products. It is also a great opportunity for health enthusiasts as well as an efficient and independent source of income for its associates.
Most of the people I met there had initially visited Herbalife to address their ailing health issues.

Addressing the Concerns of people

Some wanted to lose weight and overcome obesity, as obesity brings about other kinds of health problems with it, while some wanted to gain weight, to fill up their underweight circumstances.
Some others came for combating ailments like arthritis, back pain, joint pain and muscle pain. Some had vision problems, protein deficiency and issues associated with skin.
All of them very well benefitted out of Herbalife nutritional food products, which enhanced their current health circumstances and assisted them in getting rid of their diseases and health issues.
People who benefitted out of Herbalife products, wholeheartedly thanked the entire Herbalife team, who were present at the conference yesterday, at HHI.
Someone remarked that Herbalife nutrition products does wonders, unlike other food products, who fakely claim to work, but doesn’t.

Essence of Herbalife products

Herbalife’s nutritional products are its golden jewels. Just because of their products, Herbalife is regarded as the No. 1 sector in India’s nutrition industry.
Their products are sold exclusively to and through independent associates.
Being a breakthrough in weight management, Herbalife personalizes a diet for one’s body, by providing him/her with the right balance of protein and other nutrients.
Personalities who voluntarily endorsed Herbalife :-
Many renowned celebrities have endorsed Herbalife and even partaken its products, for augmenting their energy and vigour.
Eminent cricket celebrity, Virat Kohli, himself makes use of Herbalife nutritional products, in his day-to-day life.
Formerly in 2011, he endorsed Herbalife nutritional food products, health and dietary supplements, food for special dietary purposes, health drinks, weight management products, health and wellness category products, on a global scale.
Virat commented that he simply loves using the Herbalife range of nutrition products and Formula 1 is his favourite.
Other Indian celebrities who had been formerly signed to represent Herbalife in India, include the country’s Badminton Champion and World’s No. 2, Saina Nehwal, Women’s 5-time World Boxing Champion, Mary Kom and Bollywood sensation, Mugdha Godse.
The mission of Herbalife is to change people’s lives, by providing excellent nutrition and weight management products. It is a proven business opportunity in direct selling.

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