How to apply for inter caste marriage benefits in Odisha and other states

intercast-marraige-incentives in india

intercast-marraige-incentives in indiaDr Ambedkar scheme for social integration through inter cast marriage was launched in 2013. The scheme provides cash benefits ranging from Rs. 50000 to 5 lakhs to the copules for doing inter-caste marriages.

Recently, the Odisha government doubled its incentive amount from Rs50,000 to Rs 1 lakh, which will be given to couples irrespective of their economic status. Between 2010 and 2016, 4100 couples who married outside their caste received these cash incentives. The couples can use the money to purchase land or household things or to start a business as per the Odisha gazette.

Download application for inter-caste marriage incentive in Odisha State

The main aim of this Government scheme is to remove the barrier between different casts and the prejudices associated with inter caste marriage.

The objective of this scheme to extend the financial incentive to the couple to enable them to settle down in the initial phase of their married life.

The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment collects the fund for this scheme and allocates to state governments and union territories government. Then State Govts give the incentive as per their state’s Inter caste marriage scheme to the eligible couples.

This inter caste marriage scheme is a part of “Protection of civil Rights Act ,1955 and Protection of Atrocities Act,1989″.

This scheme is given to state wise according to the population and provide incentive to 500 couples in a one year at a time.The couple can get the amount of Rs 25,000 from the district authorities. The ministry of social justice and empowerment can increase and decrease the incentive amount in every year.

Odisha isn’t the only state that has such a scheme. States like Haryana, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan also have similar schemes.

While the Bihar government pays Rs 1 lakh to couples who married out of their caste, the Haryana government gives an incentive of Rs1.01 lakh to a Scheduled Caste (SC) man or woman who marry a Non-Scheduled Caste woman or man. Sor far, the state has provided financial aid of about Rs1 crore to 161 couples, under the Mukhya Mantri Samajik Samrasta Antarjatiya Vivah Shagun Yojana.

The inter-caste marriage incentive in Himachal Pradesh was enhanced from Rs25,000 to Rs 75,000 in 2013, by the cabinet headed by Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh.

In Karnataka, inter-caste couples can get Rs 3 lakh if the wife is from a Scheduled Caste community and Rs 2 lakh if the husband is.

Rajasthan is the only state which gives Rs 5 lakh to inter-caste couples.

The Maharashtra government is currently in the process of framing an Inter-Caste Marriage Act, which will provide financial support to inter-caste couples and also give them priority in employment.

Eligible couple after getting the Intercaste marriage certificate and applying for the scheme with all the required documents can get the half amount in the form of a Demand Draft in their joint name and other half amount in the form of a fixed deposit of 5 years in their joint account.

Eligibility criteria for getting cash incentives under Inter-caste marriage

  1. If any couple who want to get this scheme,then any spouse of them should be scheduled caste and other should be related to non-scheduled caste.
  2. Marriage should be legal as per law and court marriage certificate should be available that show your marriage has been registered under the Hindu marriage act,1955.
  3. If any one of the person from couple has second marriage ,then the couple cannot get the incentive under this scheme.
  4. Submit your proposal within a year of your marriage otherwise you cannot get the benefit.
  5. Couple annual income should not be more than 5 lakh. Couples whose annual income is more than 5 lakh are not eligible to get this scheme

How to Apply for Inter-caste marriage benefits

First of all get the application form from the office of your nearby social welfare department and then after fill it properly.

You should follow the steps given below.

  1.  Affix the joint photograph of the couple on the above right side of the application form.
  2. Write the applicant’s name in capital letter,then applicant’s father name,date of birth,address,caste status,fill the sub-caste in the case of SC.
  3. Then write the spouse’s name in capital letter,spouse father’s name,date of birth ,address,caste status and fill the sub-caste in case of SC.
  4. Details of marriage such as date of marriage,details of marriage registration certificate ,whether living together.
  5. Others details about your child if any.Also detail about if any child is adopt from any authority.
  6. Then last read the declaration and write the applicant signature and spouse signature along with date in which form filled.

Required Documents : –

The following documents must be submitted along with application form.

  1. Couple has to need the copy of caste certificate of both of them.
  2. Attested copy of marriage certificate registered under the Hindu marriage act,1955.
  3. Couple needs a certificate to effect that it is the first marriage of the couple.
  4. Attested the copy of residence proof such as Voter ID/Ration card/Aadhaar card/Electricity bill/Water bill etc.
  5. Couple needs the income certificate of both of them.
  6. One joint photograph of the couple.

After filling the complete application form visit to the office and carry all the documents for verification process.

If the sitting member of parliament or member of legislative assembly or the district collector/magistrate recommends the proposal after verification of all the documents and that of the marriage you will recieve the incentive.

Download detailed notice and Application form for applying to Inter caste marriage Incentives

Odisha doubles cash incentives for inter-caste marriages

Download application for inter-caste marriage incentive in Odisha State

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