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JDCA’s 11th International Film Festival inaugurated at IDCOL, Bhubaneswar

jatin das 11th international film festival bhubaneswar

Organized by the world renowned artist Jatin Das’ Centre of Art, in association with Department of Tourism, Odisha,  the 11th International Film Festival on Art and Artists has started at IDCOL Auditorium, Near IG Park, Bhubaneswar.

This is a one-of-a-kind event that would really leave you craving for more.The festival was inaugurated by Shri Navin Pattnaik  on 27th January at 11am.

As many as 40 films will be screened during the three-day event. The festival comprises of many facets, some of them namely Meet-the-Artists, Talks, Documentaries and Films both foreign and indigenous screened on all the three days focusing upon eminent personalities, art & architecture forms throughout the world.

In the very own words of Jatin Das’, this film festival provides its audience with unique insights into India’s rich cultural heritage, as well as traditions and arts from other places round the world.

The programme further includes performances, stalls for books on art, local crafts, textiles and of course the delicious Odiya cuisine.

From music to art, craft to dance, everything is reflected here in their most original form. One can even smell the poignancy of in the air.

With around more than 2,000 films in the archive of the JDCA, this festival showcases the actual work behind the crafted masterpieces, be it the infamous ‘Jai Ho’ by A.R Rahman or the internationally acclaimed film ‘Ai Wei Wei’ which means ‘Never Sorry’, provides a nuanced exploration of China and one of its most compelling public figures.

Films on the legendary Odisha artists namely, Pradosh Mishra, Ajit Keshari Ray, the veteran actor Sarat Pujari are also to be projected in this festival. With actress Nandita Das, PK Das and various other relevant people on the house makes this event a can’t be missed!

Event Schedule

  • Event Timing: 10am-8pm, 27-29th January 2017
  • Event Address: IDCOL Auditorium, Near IG Park, BBSR

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