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My Tree campaign in Bhubaneswar to save trees

Rapid urbanisation and technology have taxed people with overloaded work in their daily lives. Trees no longer hold importance for people and they have stopped planting them.

A group of youngsters initiated awareness about trees and received huge amount of applause from various quarters.

Bakul Foundation made its 10th edition campaign of My Tree operational in Bhubaneswar on Sunday with goal-oriented plans and announcements at the Bakul Library.

Nearly 100 volunteers stepped forward in making the crusade a grand success. They wanted the campaign to become a movement to go viral and change the cultural mindsets of society.

These baby steps have become huge leaps as more than 700 people are part of this campaign.

State Secretary of Sports and Youth affairs Vishal Dev, dancers Aruna Mohanty and Ileana Citaristi, eminent people from the entertainment industry like Usasi Mishra, Harihar Dash, Basanta Sahoo, Shagoon Satpathy, Amrita Panda and Sulagna Routray, educator Debi Prasanna Pattanayak, social leaders such as Abha Mishra and Alka Gupta, sportsperson Padmini Rout, young entrepreneurs and numerous promoters attended the event.

One of the founders of Bakul Foundation, Sujit Mahapatra, has started the initiative back in 2009.

The motto of the campaign was to do something for stopping the rapid felling of trees. Many saplings were planted but most of them couldn’t survive due to lack of care and nourishment after plantation.

Efforts to plant trees and save the planet from phenomenon like global warming went in total waste and had no impact.

My Tree campaign targets at creating an emotional bonding between individuals and trees. The volunteers of the campaign came up with new ideas of advocating planting and gifting young seedlings became a cultural practice.

A powerful message on the significance of trees is spread over while gifting a plant. The campaign aims at establishing a personal relationship with plants which occurs when someone gifts or plants trees on certain occasions such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.

When one creates a personal association with plants and sees it having new leaves and flowers, the person gets attached to the plant.

Propounders plunged themselves in conducting road shows on bullock carts directing the scene of gifting trees.

Sight of volunteers on bullock carts attracted attention of people in the city. Proffers hit on it as an excuse to talk to people about worth of plants.

The founder of this proposition made a note that a new system plan of gifting plants to newborn babies and owners of brand-new houses and vehicles is about to get familiarized.

A comic segment is being outlined on this prospective. A helpline number has also been set up to advise people on species they require for planting.

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