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Never Seen Before Events on the first day of New Year in Bhubaneswar

Ekamra heritage walk bhubaneswar

A very warm New Year wishes to you! Hope you have great year ahead 🙂

So here comes the New Year riding upon a shooting star, disappearing even before you know it. But don’t worry, we have got you some of the Unique, Weird yet Must-go-to places in Bhubaneswar this New Year day which would require some fitness, good deeds of you. A good way to start already, isn’t it?


Named as Ekamra Heritage Walks of Bhubaneswar, it rediscovers the ancient “Ekamra Kshetra” in Bhubaneswar. The event makes you look back the specific important places and its related history to all its participants, be it a visitor or a resident.

Starting from the temples, meditation chambers, temple kitchens and fine architecture it takes you back to those times when Bhubaneswar became the cultural and spiritual hub of the entire Eastern India.

The registration for this event is free and the participants get Tour Guide, Road Map, Souvenir Postcard, Mineral Water and a complimentary breakfast. Folks! Put on your gym clothes! On the first day of the new year know your city a bit more closely!

Schedule of Ekamra Heritage Walk:
Sunday, Jan 01 , 2017 | 06:30 AM | Old Town, Bhubaneswar
Meeting Point – Mukteswar Temple |  Distance Covered – Less Than 2 Kms

CLEAN FACEBOOK FAKE ACCOUNTS CAMPAIGN: Webilluzon, Near Hotel Sungreen, Bhubaneswar

A campaign that started on Twitter under #CleanFacebookCampaign becomes a real time event here in Bhubaneswar from 10 pm that only asks you to help clean the Facebook off the fake accounts without getting into the dirt.

  • Either give the details of  any fake facebook accounts that you happen to have, mail it to: and they would disable it forever
  • Encourage your friends, family etc to support this campaign by spreading the good word to others too

And the best part is you can also get paid a fair amount of money by each fake account that would be disabled by the end of the day! SO, GO, SHARE!

Now for all those party animals who’re disheartened, here’s what you were hoping for:

The event Starts at 10pm

BERRY’S NIGHT : THE NEW YEAR 2017 PARTY| BrewBerry Cafe, Infocity Road, Near Sai International School, Patia

Performances by DJ NK & DJ Rishi on the genres of House, New Commercials and Upmarket Bollywood would be the supreme shine to the Party. The couple entry would be at Rs. 500/- with unlimited soft drinks/mock tails and 3 serving of starters. What else do you need to end such a fun-filled day?

The Event Starts From 5pm – 10:30pm

Know any other events? Share with us. Been to the places recently? Comment below to let us know how it went.

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