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Odisha Govt. plans to give digital life certificates to pensioners

jeevan-praman-digital life certificate

jeevan-praman-digital life certificate

Odisha government has decided to implement Aadhaar-based digital life certificate called Jeevan Pramaan for all the pensioners of the state to simplify the payment process.

Several other states have already digitised the certificates.
The finance department has asked all departments to issue necessary instructions to their pension sanctioning authorities to adopt the scheme and follow the guidelines.

This move will end the requirement of a pensioner to submit the physical life certificate every November in order to credit the pension into his or her account.

Web-based platform will record the pensioner’s Aadhaar number and biometric details.

How to submit Jeevan Pramaan (ଜୀବନ ପ୍ରମାଣ ପତ୍ର) or Digital Life Certificate online?

Key details of the pensioner, including date, time and biometric information will be uploaded to a central database in real-time, enabling the pension disbursing agency to access a digital life certificate.

This will conclusively establish that the pensioner was alive at the time of authentication.

This facility will also be made available at common service centres being operated under the national e-governance plan for the benefit of pensioners residing in remote and inaccessible areas.

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