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Orphanages in Bhubaneswar

In this hectic world, there are some self-esteemed children who don’t recognise the importance of parents and are least concerned about them. These children don’t even look after their parents in their old age, when parents need help and heed of their children the most.

On the other hand, there are some children who need their parents the most and thirst for their love and affection but are devoid of parents. These children are called orphans. An orphan is a child whose parents have died and exist no more in this world.

Some of these children are not even taken care of by their relatives who refuse for upbringing of the child and leave them in orphanages, a suitable home-like residence, specially set up and organised for orphans.

When I visit orphanages, I literally end up in tears incessantly flowing from my eyes, in pity for these children who crave for love and affection from parents but are denied by destiny, contrary to children who don’t even recognise the importance of their parents and end up ignoring them in their old age.

Few orphanages in Bhubaneswar which adopt orphans are:-

  1. Asha Kiran Orphanage

Located at Plot number – 309/1801, 2nd Floor behind State Bank of India,near Saraswati Sishu Mandir School, Niladri Vihar Road, Sailashree Vihar, Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar.

The orphanage is a ray of hope for underprivileged and neglected children. The organisation was set up by a dedicated social worker, named Pratap Kumar Pradhan, to save girl child and eradicate female foeticide.He had great vision for the development of society.

The orphanage provides basic education, nutritious food, health care facility and safe and family surrounding.

2) Adruta Children’s Home

Located at Gadakana Post Office, Mancheswar, Bhubaneswar.

This orphanage home acts as a rehabilitation for the abandoned, unclaimed and parentless children who are in need of care and protection.

It provides a congenial atmosphere for children to excel themselves in various sectors and join the social mainstream.

Best facilities in education and healthcare is provided to these children. This organisation received the Excellency Award in 2006 in the field of Social Action as a model children home in the country.

3) Sri Sri Maa Ananda Ashram

Located at Plot number – 440/5046 and 441/5047 Damana, near Kalupada Ghata Sekakendra, PO/PS – Chandrasekharpur,Bhubaneswar.

4) Ashraya

Located at Phase 5 Road, Arya Village, Bhubaneswar.

5) SOS Children’s Village

Located at Kalinga Nagar, Sum Hospital Road, Bhubaneswar.

The aim of initiating SOSCV in Bhubaneswar is to help abandoned children and provide them with a family-like environment to grow up in.

The organisation started its activities in 1996. Every child at the village is looked after by an SOS mother and an SOS aunt. They grow up with other SOS children regarded as their brothers and sisters.

Their basic needs are looked after and emotional support is given to help them adjust in the new environment. All the children in the organisation are enrolled in formal schools and get proper education.

Computer and English Communication classes are held for all children throughout the year. Children are also taught to contribute to society.

6) Sponsor a child

Located in Ghatikia, Bhubaneswar.

I request all my readers to visit these orphanages on various occassions and contribute at least a minimum amount for the welfare of these abandoned and neglected children.

I’m sure God will shower tonnes of happiness upon you in return for this generous deed.

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