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Perfect Summer Destination, The Lesser Known Beaches of Odisha

As the month of March approaches to its pre-final week, we could all feel the onset of spring fading away by the early rise in temperature, the severity of the daylight, the pressing need to re-hydrate ourselves almost always, not to forget those daunting exams and equally preposterous year-endings at offices, capsizing us from all directions – nothing seems more inviting than a cozy, well-deserved break to some breathtaking beaches that are not so far away from your doorstep.

We bring to you some of the beaches in Odisha that few have heard of, but will have you charmed in no-time.

Rushikulya Beach, Ganjam

The adult Olive Ridley Turtles returning to the sea after laying their eggs on the beach, ending the nestling season. They would return to the Pacific Oceans and would come back again the following year making Odisha the largest nestling grounds of Olive Ridleys across the world, followed by Mexico.

This beach is a not-so-famous tourist destination, even though it is the worlds’ most largest nesting grounds of the famous Olive Ridley turtles, which are found in Pacific Ocean and rare parts of Indian ocean.

These turtles generally, travel thousands miles of waters around the world to reach here and form two or three large groups and lay their eggs, until thousands and millions of hatch-lings come out of the sand, as the sea beckons them. Situated at 28 kms from Berhampur bus stop, is 156 kms away from Bhubaneswar and would take only 3 hours by road to reach.

This place is quiet and serene, with not even hotels, shacks or bungalows around the beach to let you taste the pure ambience of it all.

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SIALI BEACH, Jagatsinghpur

The Siali beach is covered with forests on the shore making it one of the fewest beaches in Odisha to have the sea-to-forest contrast on the shore. It is also one of the cleanest beaches in the state.

Being a famous picnic spot among the locals only, this beach can be visited any time of the year which is only 80 kilometres from Cuttack and would take nearly 3 hours on road from Bhubaneswar via the Cuttack-Paradip Road. The beach is alluringly attractive because of the dense forests around it, the cleanliness of the place and also the quiet and serene nature.


The Pati-Sonapur beach is one of the calmest beach of the sea, as it is located quite deeper into the sea and has high in-current ratio. The beach however is particularly clean and resembles one of the pirate movie beaches complete with ruins of old rest-houses and ghost ships.

So this is one of those secret beaches which we hear in the ancient tales or read about in the Folktales. Pati-Sonapur is located at the point of convergence of Bay of Bengal and Bahuda river and was once one of the prominent shipping centre of the province of Ichapur, is only 35 kilometres away from Gopalpur.

The ruins and ghost-ships of those times could still be seen on the shores which could make the artifact-lovers swarm to the place. It is also one of the safest beaches to swim and could be reached only through a boat to the end of the creek. Too magical to handle, right? It would take nearly 3.5 hours to reach via AH45 from Bhubaneswar.

Sahana Beach, Puri

The Sahana beach is languidly hidden amidst the deepest of the seas, can only be reached through a boat from Astaranga marine police station or from Siali beach, Jagatsinghpur side.

This is one of the least-known beaches in Odisha and we can’t blame the people as it takes quite a spirit to reach such a out-of-nowhere beach.

Sahana beach is one of those virgin beaches, which are located at the mouth of the sea and appears to be as a small-island like landform. It is crawling with swarms of red crabs on the shore and is unbelievably dreamy of a beach. It is situated in Astarang, Puri and is around 78 kilometres from Bhubaneswar, which would take 1-1.5 hours to reach by road.

Pir Jahania Beach, Puri

A sunset on the Pir Jahania beach, Puri marks the beginning of the deep-sea fishermen to start another day in their quest.

The namesake of the beach originates from the famous shrine where members of all communities gathered to pray together is 75 kilometres away from Bhubaneswar in Astarang, Puri.

This place is mostly looked upon for its heavenly sunsets by the locals and have a few shacks recently constructed by the state government. It would take nearly 1.5 hours to reach by road to this out-of-the-world place.

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Once knowing about these never-heard before beaches, it’s quite normal to feel a tad bit content about oneself as it tells so much more about our motherland Odisha, which keeps on surprising and mesmerizing us even now, by its beauty hidden underneath her known fringes.

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