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Perky Places For Those Outdoor Picnics Around Bhubaneswar

saptasajya waterfall dhenkanal

Yes, it’s the season when the call for Picnics are at the pinnacle, be it office, school, club or even family ones. There’s always that headache of choosing a place that is ‘Not That Far’ from the city as well as has to be filled with some adventurous stuff in order to escape the boredom of playing Bingo and Badminton once getting there. So, worry not! here we are sorting things out for you before the time flies by.

The 1st place on our list is a place which is apt for having that family picnic which comprises of children to adults, all demanding to have something to do with the cooking, playing and even a bit of hiking. It is also an apt place for that college friends roadtrip planned several years ago that would include lot of action events to participate into.


Saptasajya is at a distance of 62 kilometres from Bhubaneswar and takes roughly 1 hour 38 minutes to reach by road.

This is a very good option for the adventurous, hikers, nature lovers, wildlife explorers, religious & spiritual experience seekers, historical fanatics and photographers.

It comprises of a beautiful all-season waterfall, mythological important places featuring the Pandavas in their Agyantavasa life, a crocodile gharial wildlife sanctuary setup, boating facilities and numerous inviting forest trails to do your discoveries leading up to dense Teak-wood gardens.

This 2nd place is an ideal place for having that once in a year pompous picnic affair with family friends and children that would include loud music speakers, a overwhelming menu and a stream of aunties and uncles in their 60’s trying to dance to the beat.

DERAS DAM and JHUMKA DAM Kantabada – Deras Dam Road, Barapita, Odisha


Total distance of 21.6 kms from Bhubaneswar takes roughly 45 minutes to reach by road. Perfect for all college students, nature lovers, photographers, hydrophilics. This place also has boating facilities, tourist huts and the watch tower cum photographers’ point from where you can get a good view of the entire dam and the nearby Chandaka forest.

The dam comes inside the Chandaka Dampara Elephant Sanctuary, so you need to buy  ticket and take permission from the forest department office at the entrance gate. No vehicles are permitted inside the premises, so be ready to walk upto the dam from the gate.
The nearby Jhumka Dam is slightly smaller than the Deras Dam. It is located on the sanctuary boundary, thus there is no need of any permission from forest department to visit this place.

This option is for that office picnics which include the interns and the peers who are fun, frolic and curious to try new things in lives.




Yes, you can now see tigers near your homes without traveling all the way to Simlipal National Park and that too on a picnic day! Yay! Located just 161.3 kms to be exact from Bhubaneswar, on the banks of River Mahanadi. It just takes 3 hours and 33 minutes to reach by road, which means you can dance, have a small snacks break as well enjoy the journey comprising of hills and ghatis all at the same time!

This place is ideal for Nature Lovers, Photographers, Wildlife Explorers, Forest Wilderness Lovers, Terrain Obsessed and Adventurous people.

Comprises of Gorge Wildlife Sanctuary, Government official staffs for the safaris, Boating and even residential hotels facilities.

Worried, that you may not have so much to do in Satkosia because of lack of time? Well, then there’s something Satkosia offers to you for your half-a-day trip there. This final option is in addition to Satkosia Tiger Reserve,which is an individual picnic spot itself. So you can visit Tikarpada and have an entirely new and refreshing experience than that you had in Satkosia!

TIKARPADA GHARIAL CROCODILE PROJECT at  Satkosia Gorge Wildlife Sanctuary, Angul, Odisha


Located around 159.8 kms away from Bhubaneswar, on the banks of  sometimes calm, sometimes turbulent river Mahanadi is a paradise for the peace lovers. It takes only 3 and half hours to reach this place by road is in fact an infamous picnic place itself.

It comprises of Breathtaking views, Hiking options, Boating facilities and the well known Gharial Crocodile Sanctuary it attracts people from all the age spans.

This place is ideal for Photographers, Writers, Nature Lovers, Wildlife Explorers and for anyone who wants to know what it takes to be so close to the Mother Nature in that pleasant stillness of your soul.

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