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Everyone seeks stories, heroic stories that can inspire but the power of ordinariness strikes hard and solid . The ordinary people we see every day on the streets, in the bus stand, the grocer shop, may have the most extraordinary tale to tell. This is an attempt by bhubaneswar Live to bring forward the stories of these people. People who inspire, people who are larger than life, people whom we brush past each day without caring to look back.

Utkal University, one of the premier institutes for education swarms with the hustle and bustle of youngsters every day. It has molded the career of many, given hopes to many and has witnessed many dreams getting fulfilled. But some dreams did not acquire the wings to soar above ;some were choked in the noise of the crowd.

This is the story of Mr Anand, the owner of a variety shop and the alumni of the University. He has been a part of this city for the last 24 years. He lost his vision at a tender age of three after a bout of typhoid .He grew up in Bhapur , a small village in Nayagarh district strengthening many ambitions .

To give a flight to his aspirations he took admission in Ravenshaw University. His handicap never deterred his spirits; he performed well and came to Utkal University for his Masters in Sociology. He did his M Phil , cleared the NET exam and without availing for a disability quota got the reputed Indian Council of Social Science Research fellowship, yet struggled from pillar to post to find a job with a decent income.

His degrees could not fetch him a job because the society questioned his ability at each step, scorned his dreams of becoming a teacher. The society was indeed too blind to his endeavors. Thus to support his family he started a small shop in the University premises.

Though he cannot see the light of the day but those who visit his shop are often surprised by the precision with which Mr Anand manages his shop but the irony is he has to serve coffee to the very students whom he might have taught if he would have got an opportunity.

Mr Anand at his variety shop in Utkal University campus
Mr Anand at his variety shop in Utkal University campus

A brief chat with Mr Anand on a Sunday afternoon unveiled many facets of his life.The struggles he faced, the biased society which has nothing to give him but some sympathy laced with cynicism, his identity crisis and the beauty amidst the dismal sorrows of his life. When questioned how he deals with his disability, the iron spirited man answers,

“I never see it as a disability, perhaps if I would have had vision I would not be the person I am today.”

True to his name, he radiates joy when you talk to him you just cannot stop admiring him. He is always on his best behavior, working hard to earn bread and butter for his family of four who live in the village.

When asked about his hobby, he shyly grins and says that he loves to play the violin, he did a visharad in music but now the violin lies in ruins. Music perhaps liberates him but now the music too has been silenced under the burden of his broken dreams.

Mr Anand might have failed to achieve his dreams but he hopes that his children have a brighter future. His struggles and hardships speak volumes about him.

We complain and fret each passing day for every little hurdle we face but for this man every day is a challenge. He is a hero because his life is an example of how to stand up and face life after each fall.

Do visit his shop inside Utkal University and let us know how you felt after meeting him.


  1. nice one.. And people like him should be brought to notice so that others can get inspired by him..

  2. so nice of you to write an article on someone who is an integral part of utkal university. i remember hanging out at his shop eating puffs and coffee and he will always be nice with everybody no matter what and that bond of trust he had with everybody… truly a well written article on a great person… good work!

  3. Well written, Gargi. I’m so glad to find an article on Mr. Anand. The one who feeds hungry souls as well as stomachs.

  4. He is our Anand Bhaina… The .. we always visit his shop. The best place to hangout @Utkal..

  5. When I was in U.U.Geo dept, maximum all days I used to go his shop. I know him personally very well but, due his shyness I didn’t knew more info about his life. Thanks ‘Bhubaneswar Live’…and he must be a role model and source of indpiration in our society.

  6. He is always a inspiration for all.
    Specially the youngsters of Utkal University.
    You are doing a great job.
    Love you Anand Bhai.

  7. Thanks Gargee for your initiative to highlight such inspiring persons whom we meet in our day to day life. But we never thought so seriously. Though i know him very well during my student time i am feeling very happy to read the article.Anand Bhai is a real inspiration for others..

  8. People like Mr Anand is truly an inspiration and bringing them forth is what we strive for! Well done, Gargi 🙂 Really appreciate your effort.. Keep up the good work!

  9. Perhaps you have missed another fold of Anand Bhai. He is a trained violinist. You will be spell bound when he plays violin.

  10. It’s a pleasure alwz to meet him every day in his shop… The day alwz goes incomplete without seeing him… Th most admirable personality ever seen.. In no less days he had become so close to me.. Dat whenever I would come.. He would tell suu … To my surprise!!!

  11. i know him . ate in his shop like a thousand times. he remembers ur name just by ur voice wow thats great. i hope i will meet him soon


  13. Anand bhai is just awesome bcz when i go to him he always know who am i n d interesting thing abt tht he nevel fell in his life bcz of his confident hats off to u bhai

  14. Anand bhai is a wonder in and of the university. Truely very glad for this recognition he got.
    Appreciations for your work!!

  15. The fullstops of life
    And the barrier kind slashes
    Couldnot hold his path
    He kept on moving moving and still moving!
    No one knows about his clandestine melancholic island,
    Because every one notices his smiling and blossoming face..
    Where there is break up or family drama
    University hunting or departmental fights
    Professor politics or hostel diaries..
    He is the man whom you can trust and speak openly!
    Inspiring human being..
    He proved,

    Are just another beginning
    Of a new sentence, of a new Era

  16. Thank you for sharing. I miss so much Anand bhai shops snacks and beverages. That 4 years of snacks with affection. Miss you Anand bhai.

  17. Love the evening chit chats with him. One astonishing thing about Anand Bhaina is that he recognises everyone of our voices with the names !!
    Interesting isn’t it? 🙂

  18. I went back to “Anand Comm.”, as we utkalites like to call it, after about 16 months and Anand bhai still recognized me from my voice.
    He always loved us and gave us important lessons when we needed.
    I m proud to be one of the person Anand bhai remembers.
    Thank you so much, Gargi for sharing his incredible story to the world.

  19. I also got a chance to spend a time with Mr. Anand. I was totally surprised when I saw that he could do many things so easily. This is God’s gift. I feel very pleasure and honour that life never make us defeat. It is only our strong inner believe which will makeus success in our life….

  20. Nice one many big person comes to university but they don’t see this man who has stuggle each step of his life. This is the real example of a unsuccessful but successful man.

  21. Anand Vai…..i know him very well. ..whn i was there in Vanivihar(2004-2006) we wr surprised too ….He is such a nice person….an inspiring person. ..nice to see his story here….thanks ##Gargi😊

  22. Great work. Thank You for bringing it to social media.
    We really had a good time in his shop. He’s a inspiration to others.

  23. Well done Gargi! The joy and ease that Anand bhaina radiates was well immersed in every word that you wrote…. I just remebered his mesmerising performance with the violin at the Tadapadeswari temple….

  24. Well done Gargi! The joy and ease that Anand bhaina radiates was well immersedbin every word that you wrote…. I just remebered his mesmerising performance with the violin at the Tadapadeswari temple….

  25. He is Anand Bhai part of him …
    anyone who regularly go to during his studying at vanivihar.After 5 years u go and call him with your voice and ask him “Anand Bhai kahila mu kie??”…..I am 100 % confident enough …he will call you by name with all the details scenarios spent on those days

  26. Nice article on Anand Bhai. I am among few fortunate people who knows him personally. He is really a great inspiration.

  27. I have left the Utkal University campus years ago, still whenever I go to his shop and talk to him, he instantly says my name correctly. So nice article. Thanks a lot.

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