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Raj Bhavan Gardens open for public from tomorrow

rajbhavan flower garden bhubaneswar

Starting from tomorrow the Raj Bhavan, the home of State Governor will allow general public to enter its gates to see the beautifully maintained gardens and deer house in its premises. This event will go on from 5th January to 22nd January.

rajbhavan flower garden bhubaneswar
Governor House a.ka. Raj Bhavan Bhubaneswar inside

People can now visit the lawns, gardens and deer park inside the premises of the governor’s secretariat-cum-residence here in Bhubaneswar.

The main attractions the cactus house, the orchid house, the deer park, the fountain, the ayurvedic garden and mesmerizing rose garden. Adorned with a large variety of beautiful flowers like marigold, petunia, salvia and the multicoloured roses, the garden is a thorough treat to the senses. Large and small varieties of dahlias and other seasonal blooms like dianthus, chrysanthemums, zinnias and gerberas are the other major attractions at the garden.

The visitors can enter from reception office gate near the main entrance between 3pm and 5pm every day. However the garden will be closed at 5.30 pm.

Stay away from carrying any plastic bags, food items, or tiffin boxes for school children, water bottles as they are not allowed in the garden. Cameras, video recorders and electronic gadgets are also not allowed for security purpose. Alcohols are a strict no no.

Every year this time of the year Raj Bhavan gardens are made open for the general public.

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