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Scotlandpur in Odisha – The Namesake

Yes, you heard it correct. There’s actually a place in Odisha which is named after the European country famous for its breathtaking views, pristine music and for world-class cheese and wine, Scotland.

No, I am not kidding. Correctly named as Scotlandpur, this village is in Angul district, in Talcher block and in Dharampur panchayat has its own tale to tell beyond the palatial walls of the mansion.

The palace of Scotlandpur, Talcher, Angul is in good condition and was used as a hunting lodge then. Now the two grandsons of Mr. Pramod Chandra Deb, the heir of the estate stay with their families here.

The story basically begins when Raja Kishor Chandra Dev took charge of developing his entire kingdom and bringing Talcher to the forefront back in 1891, and believed in the ideology of Muncipalities and Panchayat Systems.

Mr. Pramod Chandra Deb, went to Scotland after being awarded with the title ‘Dewan Bahadur’ by Lord Wavell, the Commander-in-Chief of the British Indian Army. And as Mr. Deb returned, he realised he had fallen in love with Scotland and its disarming beauty, ultimately making his mind to change the name of his homeland to Scotlandpur.

The Scotlandpur station was added as a station of Indian Railways, currently links Talcher and other nearby areas to more prominent networks like Cuttack Rly Station which is 100 kms from here.

The mansion is perched atop a small hillock and can be seen covered in bright hues of the approaching morning and mist, can appear mysterious at the same time.

Well, while some adhere to the known history behind these stony walls, there’s a rumor about the secret of naming the place after Scotland to be a clever ploy to be in the good-books of the Britishers and get some benefits such as waivers in the taxation policy, post World War II losses of Singapore to the Japanese by the British Indian Army.

Talcher Palace, after renovation. Talcher, one of the princely states of the British Empire, is currently the Coal City of Odisha

Well, looks like palaces and mansions like these are meant to hold many secrets in its chambers, to keep them unheard and untouched forever!

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