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Simlipal National Park

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Tourist office in Jashipur

Asst. Conservator of Forests, National Park, Jashipur
Similipal Tiger Reserve,
Dist.- Mayurbhanj-757091, Orissa, India

For Enquiries

Phone No. 06792-259126
Fax: 06792-256705
Phone No. 06797-232474
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Simlipal National Park is located at the center of Mayurbhanj district in the North-Eastern part of Odisha.

It is situated at a distance of 250 km from Kolkata and 320 km from Bhubaneswar. This National Park is surrounded by deciduous trees and Sal forests. Simplipal National Park has 12 rivers running across it.

Characterized by thick wooden slopes, ridges, luxuriant grassland and beautiful waterfalls; the park is nestled amidst picturesque hills.

A wide array of plants as many as 501 species are housed at the park, out of which 82 species are of Orchids. The Park is a viable source for countless medicinal and aromatic plants also.

The park has a protected area of 845.70 square kilometres (326.53 sq mi) and has some beautiful waterfalls like Joranda and Barehipani. Simlipal is home to 99 royal Bengal tigers and 432 wild elephants. Besides Simlipal is famous for gaurs (Indian bison), chausingha, as well as an orchidarium.

The Best time to visit Simlipal National Park is from November-June.

Reservation & Booking for Simlipal National Park

Lunch available at Barehipani.
Dinner and Breakfast available at Jamuani.
A 13 seated Forest Department vehicle is now available for reservation by tourists for visits within Similipal from Jashipur @ Rs.5500/- per day for the route Jashipur-Uski-Barehipani-Joranda-Chahala and back to Jashipur via Tulsibani.
Boarding & transportation to be arranged by visitors at their own cost.
Park authority reserves the right to cancel / modify reservation of accommodation without assigning any reason as per rule 8 of Orissa Forest Rest House Occupation Rules- 1983.
For accommodation at Ramtirtha.
For accommodation at Jamuani and Kumari please visit


Places to visit at Similipal National park


On the bank of River Khairi with planned landscaping and surrounded by wooded hillocks, Gurguria gives the feeling of a hill station. The orchidarium with 63 indigenous orchids in pots is very attractive during summer when it flowers. The main attraction is elephant ride and hill trekking. Accommodation with catering facility and conference hall are available.


The site was chosen by his Majesty the Maharaja of Mayurbhanj state in olden days where a forest resort was constructed, now converted to a Forest Rest House. Amidst the Sal forest, resounded by the voice of birds, like hill myna, frequented by herbivores like Elephants, Deer and Sambar in the meadow.


Barehipani resembles the shape of a rope locally known as Barehi. The rolling waterfall with a height of 217 mtrs presents a majestic view with reverberating sound in the gorge from where the River Budhabalanga runs to the plain land.


The waterfall from a height of 181 mtrs touches the ground on the gorge perpendicularly. Tourist cottage with cooking provision is available. Elephants, Deer and Sambars frequent the saltlick near the campus as the sun sets in the nature unfolds the beauty through vast stage of green lush vegetation. Joranda


A green valley with crop lands, Nawana thrills the heart during the winter. The lifestyle of the tribals residing in the valley is also a point of attraction.


Situated on the confluence of Khairi and Bhandan Rivers emerging from Similipal, Ramtirtha is a place of worship attached to the sentiment of Hindus due to its mythological importance. It is a place of picnic with an Astral garden and Gharial Research Centre. Accommodations for the tourists in cottages with catering facilities are available throughout the year.



A place of religious importance of Hindus, is a site of attraction for picnickers due to the picturesque beauty of a small waterfall and a gorge filled with water. Sitakund


Lulung is situated at the entrance of the park on the bank of a tributary to River Palpala with perennial water flow. The crystal clear water with pebbles of different sizes on the River bed and dense forest on both sides of the River wins the heart of the people to assemble for picnic. A tourist lodge, run by Orissa Tourism Development Corporation, caters the needs of the tourists. Lulung


Deokund is located on the bank of River Deo, while meandering on the hills, place of worship by the Hindus. The temple of Goddess Ambika was built up by the Royal Dynasty of Mayurbhanj in ancient period. The cascade touching the base of the temple falls on a gorge where the River rests awhile and further follows its course. It is the most lovable picnic spot.



A place of pilgrimage for the Hindus, famous for granite carving temple of Goddess Kichkeswari built by the Maharaja of Mayurbhanj. Granite carvings are available in temple premises for sale.



River Baitarani pierces through a hill rock. A picnic spot and place of congregation during Makar Sankranti. Famous for scenic beauty. Bhimkund