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Simple rules to maintain your daily health

We may have many goals to fulfill, many plans to execute and many aims to reach but at the end of the day what every person truly wants is to live a healthy, happy and well balanced life.

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of attention to healthy living. From your, special diets and new excercises – everyone wants to do something new that keeps them fit. All we need is inspiration to lead a positive life.

To lead a healthy life, we do not need a fancy gym membership, a personal chef or a trainer. Sometimes, just a can do attitude and a click of the mouse is enough to start your journey towards it!

To save you time, we listed some of the best health and wellness tips you could easily follow.

Stay cool and manage heat exhaustion

Overexposure to high temperatures, no matter what the weather may be can cause dehydration and sickness.

This can cause fatal sickness like heart strokes in adults. Avoid this with just a few simple measures –

1. Opt for clothing that allows air flow around the body like silk and cotton.

2. Wear a hat to keep your head cool and reduce the risk of sunstroke

3. Water and sunscreen are a must. Stay hydrated at all times

4. Fresh fruits, juices and vegetables will not only keep you healthy but also active throughout the day

Meditate to Calm you Mind

meditation for good health

Focus on positivity, decrease anxiety and notice a happier change in you and your surroundings by dedicating a small amount of your time into meditating everyday.

With just a little commitment, you can get many benefits from this exercise.

1. Start by meditating for a small amount of time everyday at the same time so it becomes a habit and gradually increase the time period.

2. Choose a particular so peace to perform this activity that helps you focus and is free of any gadgets and noise, also look for comfort.

3. Create an awareness in your mind that you need to be focused on the present while meditating. Do not think of the past or the future, they key is to focus on your breathing.

4. Bring calmness to your body by feeling the breathing process of long deep breaths.

5. Practice makes one perfect. Be consistent and regular.

Excercise for a fit body and a fit mind

excersizxes for a fit body

It’s all about working smarter. Not harder. With dedicating just 30 minutes a day everyday, you can get the desired body you’ve always wished for and stay in good shape.

If you’re confused, here’s how to start your journey

1. For full effects, keep rotating your routine between strength and cardio excercises.

2. Create two or three circuits of routines that include exercises for strength, core and cardio and complete them 2-3 times.

3. Some of the most effective excercises are push ups, pull ups, squats,planks and lunges. Take it up a notch by adding dumbbells, bosu ball or resistance bands to your excercises.

4. Play music that really help you get going and motivate you.

5. Don’t forget to stretch out a bit before and after excercises

Manage you stress

manage your stress

Our busy schedules and experiences in our personal lives keep adding to the amount of stress levels that keep pulling up and effecting our mental health. It can get absolutely relentless and sometimes it’s just not easy.

With stress management, you can calm your senses and balance your mind.

1. If you don’t have time for a yoga class or excercises try micro meditation to feel relaxed and ready for your day.

2. Activities that pump your blood like walking, playing a sport can put you in a better frame of mind and make you feel very active.

3. For the best balance between your mental and physical self, a good sleep is the most important factor.

4. Amuse your self and open your mind by reading. It can be a book or even something off the net which can enlighten you and help you think positively.

5. Having a heart to heart talk with your close family or friends is an immediate instant stress buster. The sense of connection gives us a peaceful state of mind.

6. Connecting with nature is a very effective stress reducing tool. Go outside for fresh air, sunlight or a walk everyday.

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