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Story of Goddess Kalijai in Chilika

The temple of Kalijai is located on an island in Chilika Lake. The temple is considered to be the abode of Goddess Kalijai. An interesting story which dates back to history tells about how a simple girl named Jaai became Goddess Kalijai.

Temple of Goddess Kalijai

There was a girl named Jaai, who as a child was married to a boy. She stayed in her father’s home in an island in the lake of Chilika after marriage. When she came of age, her father decided to take her to her in-law’s house in another island named Parikuda in Chilika Lake. During those days, Odisha’s coast was prone to cyclones and during the boat trip to Parikuda, they encountered a severe cyclone, which resulted in the capsizing of their boat.

All the boatmen and her father survived this tragic incident except for the bride Jaai. They searched for her but to no avail. After this accidental death, she bacame the goddess of people residing in Chilika Lake and nearby, worshipped as Kalijai, an incarnation of Goddess Kali. The island is an excellent destination for pilgrims as well as tourists. Every year in January, a big fair is held here during the festival of Makar Sankranti.

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