Top 5 New Found Night Clubs in Bhubaneswar


When it comes to dancing and boozing, Bhubaneswar residents along with the party animal inside them, are the happiest people in the world. Be it marriage ceremonies, birthday parties or even the Dandiya Party in Dussehra, dancing is a more than a passion to them.

So this post is a tribute to all of those who are a dancer be it ‘Baraati’ or ‘Professionals’!

The 5th best Night club in town


Located at HOTEL SUN GREEN, Punjabi Colony Square, In front of Durga Puja Mandap,Satyanagar, Bhubaneswar

OPEN FROM: 1pm-10:30pm

Featuring a outdoor rooftop pool, a bistro and an international wine bar and disco this night club is the destination for all the nocturnal newbies and natives.

From some exotic mocktails, sparkling, dizzy lights to some DJ customized music with this place gotta be right at the heart of the city makes everything go high!

A perfect place for youngsters to shake a leg or even for a family dinner in this restaurant, this place definitely knows how to play their game! We like.

The 4th best Night club


Located at lot No J/7, Pal Heights Parking, Jayadev Vihar, Bhubaneswar

OPEN FROM: 1pm-11:30pm

Quite a famous place in the city, it is well known for all the good reasons. From all the student crowd, some star stud fashion shows to the most happening DJs on the house this place certainly has a lot of buzz.

The bar does serve some good mocktails, cocktails and also international wine but the best part is the dance floor. The lights, the music and the booze is perfect enough to make your mind play on a loop everything about it.

It is even friendly for women and is well concerned in every matter of maintaining safety and decency. So even if you’re not alcoholic, this place can still seem interesting to you because of the ambience.

Kalki Koechlin, just last year summer shared some very uplifting reviews abut the place when she came for a fashion show there. We Approve!

On the 3rd best night club


Located at Raj Path, Unit 6, Keshari Nagar, Bhubaneswar

OPEN FROM: 7am-9pm

Perhaps the oldest and most high-profile night club then, Bhubaneswar Club means elite.

A pool, free high speed wii-fi, quality drinks, exquisite food makes this place a perfect one to throw a party with no reason.

The members come together to enjoy the weekly, fortnightly and monthly clubs with families and friends, reflecting the times when clubs meant food, drinks and talks. Vintage is Vigorous!

On the 2nd best night club


Located at Shop Mayfair Lagoon, Lane Number 5, Jayadev Vihar, Bhubaneswar

OPEN FROM: 11am-11pm

Consisting of an Irish bar along with a gaming area, pool club, dance floor and DJ: Basically THE BEST COMBINATION of the world class phenomena all in one place.

Expect nothing less than being charmed here. Top class interiors, Best wines, fine meads and classy sherry this place is the ULTIMATE GAMECHANGER!

The DJ and the Dance floor magically turns this otherwise classy bar into a even more wilder nightclub.

No words can elaborate the chills and shivers you get once you get on the dance floor here! SWAG!

The Ultimate Best Night Club in Bhubaneswar is


Located at Hotel Sungreen, Satya Nagar Flyover Rd, Punjabi Colony, Bhubaneswar

OPEN HOURS: 12pm-10:30pm

A fusion of Fine Dining and Good Music can make an epic creation called AQUA!

Located right at the epicenter of this Wild city, it is the ULTIMATE SWAGGER! Most hyped is the swimming pool, drinks, lighting, furnishing, music and of course the food of this place.

And believe it or not the dance floor is always overcrowded as the ambience is just so tempting.

Hop in with your family, friends or even colleagues and you’re sure to get all the COOL to your system back home. Like FOREVER!

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