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Why Women Empowerment is the need of the hour?

The subcontinent of India is secular, democratic and republic. India’s constitution lays down that men and women should be treated equally and should have equal rights and duties towards the country. Women are regarded as the most beautiful creation of God on earth. A popular quote states that, ‘Behind every successful man, there is a woman.’

What is women empowerment?

It is the courage and independent attitude of a woman to achieve whatever she wants and also to speak out against injustice and protect her dignity. Women empowerment is the capability of women to make important decisions in their lives while also being able to act on them.

It is indeed a matter of concern that even after more than sixty years of Independence, women continue to live an underprivileged existence, like that of a second-class citizen.

Nandini Satpathy

In a family, women serve as an integral part and function as the pillar or base, without which a family can’t exist. It is the woman who sews the concept of a family, in which she binds every member of the family in an unbroken thread. One of you answer this question. Who can survive without his/her mother?Obviously, no one!

Pratibha Ray

A mother painstakingly carries her child in her womb for nine whole months without complaining, happily bearing all pain to bring her child to the sight of the world.

That is why a mother is considered as the other name of God, who can go to any extent for her child’s protection. A woman also fulfils her duty as a wife by caring for her husband, supporting him in times of need and walking the path of life side-by-side holding his hands; as a sister by morally encouraging and helping her brother; as a daughter, fulfilling her duties by looking after her parents and praying for their welfare.

I don’t understand that if it is a woman who binds the family in a single thread, why patriarchal families regard male members of the family as superiors or head of the family?
It is the male dominance which governs a patriarchal family.

Gender discrimination should be overlooked by people, and women should be given equal importance and ample opportunities for progression, same as that of men in every sector. It has become an age-old tradition that women should stay indoors and look after her family and children.

In this constantly changing world, women should break these man-made barriers and set out to build her own identity and work at pace with men.

Women should overrule gender bias, ignore narrow-minded people and showcase their talent to the world that they are capable to achieve by achieving their respective goals, bypassing all hindrances.

Sailabala Das

Various government and non-government organisations are set up in the state to achieve the goal of women empowerment and to reduce injustice done to women.

Aaina, Aama Odisha and Abanti Amiya Foundation are some of those organisations. Some organisations also eradicate women unemployment.

Some vivid examples of women empowerment from Odisha are Sailabala Das, Pratibha Ray and Nandini Satpathy. Illustrations of their lives augments my self-confidence and will also increase your confidence if you read about these inspiring women of Odisha.

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